New PTC Sites

This post features several new ptc sites which are currently offering exciting opportunities for their members to get paid to click ads and complete tasks.

There are also paid traffic and advertising packages available at these new, less well-established sites that offer incredible value for money or ‘bang-for-buck’.

Some of the sites featured may go on to become among the best ptc sites online but websites reviewed on this page are currently not yet well established, which means it is easier to refer new members to them and they are often likely to provide very reasonable pricing for paid ad placements such as banners and ptc ads – personally I use banners most because it doesn’t waste too much bandwidth and you know your traffic is ‘targeted’.

All the websites featured on this page are relatively new to the paid to click scene. If you want to check out some of the well established players then click here.

PTC Site Number of Ads (typically) Pay Per Ad ($) Affiliate Information (% of ref. click value for each referral tier) Advertiser Information [5000 Short Exposure Views / 1000000 Banner Ad Impressions ($)] Additional Information
Click Fair  20  0.01, 0.005, 0.001  20  9 / 40 site features PTSU offers for $0.25 & $0.20
LegacyClix >15 0.01 – 0.001 50 9.5 / 50 Site is owned by a very well established admin.
PPC Ad Source
>20 0.001 – 0.0005
30 (clicks) 5 (ad purchases)
9 / 47
from Explosive Traffic owner John Bell
Clixten >20 0.002 – 0.0001
20 2 / 40 4 x $0.002 ads are available each day