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Clixsense is one of my favorite ptc sites and one of the most popular money making websites on the net. It has delivered an excellent service to both website promoters and home income seekers for a number of years and has paid me several times.

Members are given cash rewards which can be redeemed via Paypal or Payza for clicking ads, doing simple tasks and completing surveys although you are not contractually obliged to do all of these activities – personally I focus on watching ptc ads and referring new members. I have encountered several very interesting home income and affiliate marketing opportunities when doing my daily ad clicks.

Free members can withdraw their money when they get to 8 dollars, the cash-out is set to 6 dollars for upgraded members and all payments are transferred on Mondays and Fridays.

The website itself, Clixsense.com is owned by Clix Sense Inc. of 734 W. Liberty St., Rome, NY 13440 in the USA.

Last time I checked it’s Alexa rating, Clixsense.com was the world’s 353rd most popular website, out of hundreds of millions, so it is fairly obvious that advertising on Clixsense (also know as ‘Clicksense’) enables you to reach a massive number of people.

Paid to click traffic packages are reasonably priced I have had some pretty good results from my campaigns, when I promoted ‘squeeze’ pages ie. pages designed to acquire email leads. Having said that, I would not recommend sending traffic generated with paid to click ads to sales pages.

Clixsense pays either $0.02, $0.01, $0.005 or $0.001 for each ad you personally click and 20% of the value of your referrals’ clicks so it is a good idea to refer as many people as you can in order to make more money. You are also compensated for advertising purchases made by your referrals.

Upgraded members also receive commission from upgrade purchases made by their referrals through 8 downline levels.

Another benefit of being an upgraded member is that there are more ads available for you to click because some ads are targeted at proven buyers.

Nonetheless, this is a brilliant ptc site whichever membership level you choose and it’s been a reliable income source for me. If you’re not already a member then please click here or on the banner as you really have nothing to lose in giving it a try.

PTC sites constitute a reasonable portion of my online business revenue and I am something of a paid to click and gpt site enthusiast. If you’d like to look at some other ptc sites then please click on either of the 2 links below – the first one is for well established bux sites and trusted paid to click sites and the other is for newer bux sites and ptcs.

Trusted PTC Sites

New PTC Sites

New PTC Sites

This post features several new ptc sites which are currently offering exciting opportunities for their members to get paid to click ads and complete tasks.

There are also paid traffic and advertising packages available at these new, less well-established sites that offer incredible value for money or ‘bang-for-buck’.

Some of the sites featured may go on to become among the best ptc sites online but websites reviewed on this page are currently not yet well established, which means it is easier to refer new members to them and they are often likely to provide very reasonable pricing for paid ad placements such as banners and ptc ads – personally I use banners most because it doesn’t waste too much bandwidth and you know your traffic is ‘targeted’.

All the websites featured on this page are relatively new to the paid to click scene. If you want to check out some of the well established players then click here.

PTC Site Number of Ads (typically) Pay Per Ad ($) Affiliate Information (% of ref. click value for each referral tier) Advertiser Information [5000 Short Exposure Views / 1000000 Banner Ad Impressions ($)] Additional Information
Click Fair  20  0.01, 0.005, 0.001  20  9 / 40 site features PTSU offers for $0.25 & $0.20
LegacyClix >15 0.01 – 0.001 50 9.5 / 50 Site is owned by a very well established admin.
PPC Ad Source
>20 0.001 – 0.0005
30 (clicks) 5 (ad purchases)
9 / 47
from Explosive Traffic owner John Bell
Clixten >20 0.002 – 0.0001
20 2 / 40 4 x $0.002 ads are available each day



Trusted PTC Sites

This post reviews trusted ptc sites which have been operating successfully for a prolonged period, paying their users promptly and providing high quality advertising solutions.

Websites which are reviewed on this page have either been punctually paying their members for a period of at least a year or they are owned and operated by individuals and organizations with a good track record for running stable paid to click sites or other online money making websites.

Sites featured on this page include programs where members get paid to click ads, complete surveys or simple tasks on behalf of advertisers, read emails, promote websites and other activities which do not require investment by the member or affiliate.

Having said that, many of the sites here, which are widely recognized as being the best ptc sites currently available on the internet, do provide members with investment opportunities such as ‘upgrades’ which enable ptc ad clickers to be regarded as proven buyers and therefore targeted by advertisers in preference to free members. That said, all the sites on this page provide genuine opportunities for all members, free or otherwise, to make money online from home.

If you are interested in newer, paying paid to click sites which are not yet well established but still potentially great places to earn money online by clicking ads and excellent places to grab low cost advertising deals then click here.

Here is a table of my favorite trusted ptc sites. Please review the information provided for each site and click any link in the ‘ptc site’ column to visit the paid to click site in question.

PTC Site Number Of Ads (typically) Pay Per Ad ($)
Affiliate Information (% of ref. click value for each referral tier)
Advertiser Information [5000 Short Exposure Views / 1000000 Banner Ad Impressions ($)]
Additional Information
Clixsense >30 0.02 – 0.001  20  9.5 / n/a
8 Level $2 Payments for Upgraded Members from Downline Upgrades
Neobux >20 0.015 – 0.001
 50  9 / n/a
Instant Payouts
LegacyClix >20 0.01 – 0.001  50  9.5 / 50 Site is owned by a very well established admin.
Wordlinx >10 0.01, 0.005, 0.001  3
 9 / 14 (*1 week)
Upgraded Members earn from referral clicks through 10 levels & $0.50 referral upgrade commissions through 3 levels
 9  0.005  25  9.75 / 25
Owned by Brian Rooney (co-founder of the Traffic Wave autoresponder service
Bucks247 >20 0.005, 0.002, 0.0006, 0.0003
 50  2.90 / 12
Adpaid  5 0.0025 10/5/4/3/2/1
 7.49 / 100
6 level referral structure
Hits4Pay  3  0.02  50 / 50
 quotes available upon request by calling:
1(845) 383 1007
2 level referral structure, ads are actually paid emails accessible from members’ area
 4  0.01  10   This site accepts USA, Can. & UK members only.Members receive $5 when each of their referrals reach $20 in click earnings
YouCubez  11  0.005 – 0.0005 *(£)
 10 £25 / £40 (500000 impressions)
 Members can buy ‘cubes’ – cubes are links to your site which get an unlimited number of clicks from other members
Scarlet Clicks
0.002 – 0.0005  40  7.5 / 20
same owner as GPT Planet,  PTSU offers also available
GPT Planet
 10 0.002 – 0.0005
 10  5 / 20
same owner as Scarlet Clicks, PTSU offers also available
PPC Ad Source
>20 0.001 – 0.0005
30 (clicks) 5 (ad purchases)
 9 / 47
from Explosive Traffic owner John Bell
Points2Shop  n/a  n/a 15 / 3 / 2
 n/a members earn points or cash to complete surveys, watch videos & sign-up to offers as well as being paid up to $0.50 for each new referral they recruit
Rewarding Ways
 5 0.02 – 0.001
 15  9.98 / n/a
paid surveys and ptsu also available
Superpay.me  5 0.02 – 0.001  25  9.98 / n/a
paid surveys and ptsu also available
Jills Click Corner
>100 0.005 – 0.0005  10  5.25 / 40
ptsu and cash-back deals also available
Quick Rewards 2 0.01  5  n/a Quick Rewards is mainly focused on Paid Surveys & Offers rather than PTC (US, UK & Canada members only)
Dollar Signup >20  0.001  5  n/a Paid Surveys & Tasks are also available
Donkey Mails >50  0.01 – 0.0001 10 / 5 / 3 / 2 / 1  7.25 / 60 5 level referral structure

The Best PTC Sites

This blog is about making money online from home with ptc sites. In case you don’t already know ptc stands for ‘paid to click’ and refers to a website which pays it’s users to visit websites on behalf of advertisers who are willing to pay for a large number of people to view their sales and lead capture pages in a short space of time.

There are a huge number of websites currently online which provide people with a financial incentive to click ads or perform simple tasks such as completing surveys.

Unfortunately, many of them do not last that long because the owners fail to establish a sustainable business model which is attractive to both advertisers and people who want to get paid to click ads.

Bux sites are paid to click sites which offer higher rates of pay for their users, sometimes including ads that are personally sponsored by the bux site owner.

Other ptc and ‘get paid to’ sites only show ads which are part of a campaign purchased by an advertiser and this represents a more stable earning system for users but also means that click earnings are much lower.

This review site focuses on all ptc, bux and other ‘get paid to’ sites that pay, whether they would appear to be sustainable or not.

Paid to click and other gpt sites which have a proven track record for paying their users are listed under ‘trusted ptc sites‘.

New ptc, bux, and other gpt websites which are less well established but still provide exciting earning and website promotion opportunities are listed under ‘new ptc sites‘.